Friday, February 5, 2016

Thrill an #ootd

The thrill is gone - Seth Godin
"Of course it is.
The definition of a thrill is temporary excitement, usually experienced for the first time.
It's thrilling to ride a roller coaster. The fifth time you have to ride it, though, it's more than a chore, it's torture.
The definition of the thrill is that it's going to be gone soon.
You might have been thrilled to go to your first job the first day. Or thrilled to see the first comment on your blog or thrilled the first time one of your books was translated into another language.
But after that? How can repeating it be thrilling?
The work of a professional isn't to recreate thrills. It's to show up and do the work. To continue the journey you set out on a while ago. To make the change you seek to make in the universe.
Thrilling is fine. Mattering is more important."

Top, Macy's; Jeans, XXI 

Hoodie, H&M; Jacket, Talula

Shoes, NIKE

Thursday, February 4, 2016

File Away an #ootd

To say that there's been a lot on my plate is an understatement. 

Wow I've missed blogging. 
Shoutout to Liz <3 for taking these amazing photos! Check out her blog here & her amazing line of swimsuits here!

Three more semesters of this crazy intense program to go, and it might seem like a long time (i'll be producing my final collection this time next year) but it's not and all that's been going though my head has been, what do I want to do after graduation...What do I really want to do with my life.. 
With internship happening right now and my sporadic work schedule, my mind is a mess. Not to mention my desktop is messy with files from 5 different programs and documents that I have yet to back up and file away. Kind of represents my thoughts right now; sub categories upon subjects that need to be filed away, documents with works of progress and misnamed files.

Goals for this weekend: Finish project, clean desktop and file away complaints. 

Pleather Jacket, GUESS; Tunic, COMMUNITY; Leggings, Lululemon; Shoes, The Bay 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Setting the Tone an #ootd

It's been an interesting first week back at uni. I keep reminding myself that I have 3 crazy semesters left and it's going to go by so quickly. 
  • Some great advice I took note of in my Product Development class from a professor who I've never had before was "You create your own good luck". I've translated this thought into: You make your own opportunities happen, and if you do it often and do it well the people who notice will see it as luck because they aren't creating those situations for themselves.
  • Having the opportunity to intern for a semester of my degree is a bigger deal then I realized it to be. A reassuring podcast talk that Sophia Amoruso had with her VP of Design, Sarah Wilkinson really made me aware that having a work placement in the industry before graduation is going to really expose me to how things run. Apparently people who aspire to be in fashion can get stuck interning over and over and find it hard to transition into a work situation without being known as an "intern".
  • I'm trying to arrange an event on how to Brand Yourself. I think as a Fashion Student I get lost in the transition of how certain things I'm learning will benefit me in coming years. I want to achieve a high level skill of networking, being able to put myself out there and communicate with people in the industry that I want to work with. 
Happy Hump-day.

Basically XXI, Belt is Wilfred, Tote is from Italy.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

*Pop Fizz Clink* an #ootd

There's some things I need to tell you 2016...

I'm not making any promises about this year, I'm not going to commit to a plan of good habits because I'm not going to magically stop picking at my nails, or spending money on materialistic items or buy a bagel almost every day of the week when the semester commences, because lord knows when those early mornings and late nights start i'm going to need them. A new year is just another day with the date changed and if I ever meet anyone that's made a resolution and kept it up, i'll be sure to buy them a cup of coffee. You have to look inside yourself if you want to change, don't look for a new date to do that, because you can decide to start fresh anytime you want. For now, here's to my continuation of leadership skills, trying new things, and somewhat consistent blog posts. 

Denim Jacket, Talula (Aritzia); Sweater & Shoes, XXI; Jeans, TOPSHOP; Bag, Bloomingdale's; Silk Shirt (Under), Thrifted at Beacon's Closet in New York

Monday, December 28, 2015

Restart & Backup an #ootd

I've purposely kept you all waiting for another blog post. 

It's been a pretty packed schedule ever since the Fall semester wrapped itself up, but that being said it wrapped up quite nicely with a pretty little bow and lots of confetti sparkles. After my amazing birth week ended (a 7 day event of the being of my 21 years of existence on this planet which included seeing all my close friends, cake, drinks and more) there were errands to do, emails to read and cleaning to be done. Now that most of that is taken care and Christmas is over I can do a little me time before the Spring semester commences. 
Enough talk about my current life situations, today was a lovely day in the city (no rain!) with Angela & Kate (click their names to check their insta's). We drank a couple cups of coffee, wandered throughout gastown & railtown, and obvs took some photos for the blog. These girls keep me sane, show them some love. 

Here's a cool song, give it a listen & show my Soundcloud some love.

Shawl & hat, GOLDEN by TNA (aritzia); Flannel, Wilfred Free (aritzia); Jeans, TOPSHOP; Bag, Coach; Shoes, ALDO
Other layered jacket (w. hood), Lululemon

Happy almost 2016.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

twenty-one & moody an #ootd

2 cups of coffee and a espresso milkshake later, i'm 21.

Scarf, ZARA; Sweater, XXI; Shirt, ZARA; Pants, XXI; Shoes. Coach; Bag, Marc Jacobs